Kennesaw State University CARE RoadMap: Level One


The mission of Campus Awareness, Resource & Empowerment (CARE) Services is to provide financial assistance, access to food, temporary housing, and supportive services in order to foster students’ realization of a healthy, stable, and dignified life both academically and professionally. To serve as a model of professional excellence and effectiveness by upholding core values of social justice, equity, economic sustainability, and mutual partnership.


CARE RoadMap is:

  • An interactive training guide for collegiate institutions in search of programming to support special populations dealing with the manifestations of poverty in their pursuit of higher education.
  • Designed for an intimate group style format with people doing the work to make a difference and who are seeking access to the tools, network, and ideas to do the work more effectively.


Our team will walk you through the initial stages of developing programs to serve college students belonging to special populations such as those who have experienced homelessness, foster care, and/or food insecurity. You will move from ideas and theories to real-world application and action with tailored programming to fit your campus community's distinctive needs.

Training topics will include:

  • Understanding the Population
  • Common Considerations
  • Types of Service Models
  • Campus Assets
  • Program Design
  • Budgeting
  • Locating Students
  • Service Map


  • Pre-Training Check-In: 45-minute call to discuss your institution’s current scope of services and assess your implementation goals in order to make a training level recommendation.
  • Initial Staff Training: 90-minute virtual training for your staff.
  • Staff Training Workbooks: CARE RoadMap Level 1 workbooks to use as a guide for program adaptation.
  • Technical Assistance: 30-minute virtual follow-up consultation scheduled after training completion.

Total cost for deliverables = $315.00 per person for a maximum of two attendees


  • CARE has created a service model, accumulated resources, and built a diverse network of partnerships over 10 years that has fostered a knowledge base and expertise in the area of serving homeless, foster care, and/or food insecure students in a higher education setting.
  • CARE has developed corporate partnerships to coincide with our program so that each level of training will include tangible perks for your college and students (i.e. discounts to educational and/or home products).