Launch Your Business Series

Launch Your Business Series
Are you ready to launch your business? We can help!

Taught from a new business owner perspective, these classes are targeted towards business owners whose companies have been operating for less than two years or anybody who is considering starting a new business.

The topics covered in each class are based on specific needs that new business owners often face.

Starting a Business
Attending this class may be one of the most important decisions you make prior to opening your business, since lack of planning is one of the top reasons new businesses fail. Topics for discussion include: personal, market and financial feasibility; legal obligations for your business; estimating start-up cost and cash flow projections; financing alternatives; failure factors; and business planning. Presented by an experienced business professional, the course includes a detailed business start-up guide and other valuable handouts.

Financing a Business
This detailed program shows you step-by-step how to finance a start-up or growing business. Also included are tips on how to prepare a winning package for any type of financial assistance. Topics include different financing options, such as bank loans, SBA guaranteed loans, non-bank lenders, private investors and the myths and realities of grant funding. Learn how successful borrowers pick the right financing options and make their proposals attractive to funding sources. Also, learn how to calculate your financing needs, develop financial projections and how to professionally present your proposal.

Marketing a Business
Successful, high-impact marketing relies less on money and more on knowing how to use time, energy and imagination. Increase sales and profits with unique and effective marketing strategies designed especially for small businesses. Learn how to maximize your marketing dollars and enhance your profitability by incorporating some simple industry secrets of effective marketing in public advertising and low-cost social media. Attend this seminar and learn what’s hot, what gets customers in the door, how to make the sale and how to keep customers coming back - without spending a small fortune!

Writing a Business Plan
Starting a business without a plan is like going on a road trip without a map. A business plan helps you start, build and manage your business. Learn why a business plan is critical to your success, especially if you need a loan or an investor for your business. This seminar includes essential sections of a business plan, as well as information required for each section and the general format. In addition, attendees receive a detailed outline and sample plan to help develop an effective business plan today.

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